Don’t check your voicemail. Have it text you the message. by DJ Loli

Want your voicemails to text you?

Surprisingly not many of us have figured out how to do this. We all know how the voicemail world is gone RIP. And everyone hates checking them as texting makes life so much easier. Unfortunately in the big world of business many don’t text. Also probably your grandmothers and grandfathers have just figured out how to click ‘Dial’. Here is the solution:

I am sure you have heard of Google Voice. Its a program created by Google (der) that lets you create an alternative phone number with an area code based anywhere you want. When connected to your phone you got yourself a free Mobile Phone service with unlimited texts, Calls etc.

You can have it set up so when a person calls you on your actual mobile phone number and leaves you a voicemail, it will be sent to google voice, then google voice will text you the transcript of what the voice message said

Here is what you need to do to have your voicemails texted to your phone:

1. Create google voice account/Number

2. Activate your google voicemail for you non-Google phone number

3. Turn on email or SMS notification

Voala! Now if anyone leaves you a voicemail it will go directly to Google Voice, then it will transcript it into a text form and will text message it to your phone

Oh! And it also lets you screen the callers by asking them to say their name prior to you committing to answering the phone.