BOWL Haircuts are SO back, Jack in The Box agrees by DJ Loli



DUDE WTF I told you!!!
Bowl haircuts are coming back buahhaahhaah Omg.. they SOOO Are!!! I saw this hottest gay boy with a bowl cut at hollywood forever cemetery party a few month ago have been obsessed with the hairstyle since.

Now i got a link form LA CAsting. Jack in a box is shooting a commercial all based on everyone getting a BOWL cut

Jack in The Box
Bowl Haircut People Jack in the Box Commercial scale shoot and residuals $1500 bump for cutting hair Yes SAG 6/19/2009
/ Male or Female / All Ethnicities / 20 – 50
This spot is about misguided Jack in the Box employees who all get their hair cut into “Bowl Haircuts” THEY WILL SHOOT THEM GETTING THE HAIRCUT! Everyone cast MUST BE WILLING TO HAVE THEIR HAIR CUT INTO THIS “BOWL HAIRSTYLE” Please see the reference photo. (Yes, it will be as extreme as the photo.) I am open to men who are balding also…

I must say this is pretty hillarious! I fkkn Love the style!

Was thinking of cutting mine like that and dying it black. WHat you recon?

P.S. Not Like jack in the box photo like the one below it haha

DJ Loli


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Bowl cuts are hot

Comment by Mary

Facebook Joke Against Man look for Ant he wants a bowl cut will it suit him!!

Comment by Anonymous

Those photos are really good. wonderful haircuts photos

Comment by haircuts photos

Bowl haircuts are very stylish,I’ve had quite a
few bowl haircuts,even had an assymmetrical bowlcut.
Any women wanting the bowlcut i can do it for you!
Just E-mail me!

Comment by David Turner

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