Monday Dancings by DJ Loli
May 10, 2010, 12:41 PM
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Just a random track from the past that is my track of TODAY!

“Catch” – Kosheen

New Bug! Force anyone to follow you on twitter by DJ Loli
May 10, 2010, 11:07 AM
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Twitter has a bug. This was great. But it seems like they are trying to fix it right now
By writing “ accept [username]” then the [username] immediately starts following you.”

For instance, Conan O’Brien, famous for following ONE person, is now following about 200.
I have attempted to follow Jesus. And have him follow me. But it seems that twitter has reset everyones followers lists to zero. 😦

SO much for attempt to do the right thing.

[via Mashable]

Don’t check your voicemail. Have it text you the message. by DJ Loli

Want your voicemails to text you?

Surprisingly not many of us have figured out how to do this. We all know how the voicemail world is gone RIP. And everyone hates checking them as texting makes life so much easier. Unfortunately in the big world of business many don’t text. Also probably your grandmothers and grandfathers have just figured out how to click ‘Dial’. Here is the solution:

I am sure you have heard of Google Voice. Its a program created by Google (der) that lets you create an alternative phone number with an area code based anywhere you want. When connected to your phone you got yourself a free Mobile Phone service with unlimited texts, Calls etc.

You can have it set up so when a person calls you on your actual mobile phone number and leaves you a voicemail, it will be sent to google voice, then google voice will text you the transcript of what the voice message said

Here is what you need to do to have your voicemails texted to your phone:

1. Create google voice account/Number

2. Activate your google voicemail for you non-Google phone number

3. Turn on email or SMS notification

Voala! Now if anyone leaves you a voicemail it will go directly to Google Voice, then it will transcript it into a text form and will text message it to your phone

Oh! And it also lets you screen the callers by asking them to say their name prior to you committing to answering the phone.


FAIL TUESDAYS – Sign fail by DJ Loli
April 27, 2010, 8:30 AM
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Monday Dancings – New Loliland Records releases (Preview) – Coming soon! by DJ Loli
April 26, 2010, 8:00 AM
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How to not be a WACK DJ. (Tips by DJ Loli) by DJ Loli
April 23, 2010, 2:24 PM
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1. Get to your shows early

When getting to your gig make sure you have at least 30 minutes before your set time, especially if you are using serato or tractor. Most of the time something missing, broken, or connected to all the wrong places. There have been times when things where perfect but its a rare case.

2. Save our ears from Train-Wreck

If it did happen and your two tracks are train-wrecking while mixing its best to cut it. Don’t stand there with a confused face and hands in the air and let it play. Fade one of them out or turn off the bass and highs and then quickly fix up the pitch.

3. Save Mixed CD’s for the radio station

Playing a premixed CD is the worst idea ever. First of you will be terribly bored standing there for two or more hours doing nothing but having to pretend to switch the knobs. Acting is not easy when its same thing for hours. It will instantly surface to the blogs and you reputation and career most probably will be done without ever starting. Just learn how to mix its not that hard.

4. Play the tracks main parts. Not what’s made for mixing.

Have you ever noticed how during the mix it gets quiet and boring and u hear a plain beat for way too long? Yes. Terrible. In dance music first one to two minutes of the track are created for MIXING ONLY and so are the last one to two minutes. For techno, House, Minimal, Electro etc The best time to mix is when you have 2 minutes remaining and fade the new one in at one minute remaining. For genres such as Nu Disco, Electronica, Glam, Industrial etc mix it in with a minute or less remaining before the end. And of-course if both tracks are filled with vocals beginning to end then you will have to use Mash Up style

5. Why buy music and not download from blogs.

Most of the time when the songs are posted on the blogs they are lower quality files. To play good sound system the files have to be not lower then 320 kbps. Preferably stick to WAV files. They sound better and have that yummy crisp to them.
Another issues with Music downloaded from blogs you will absolutely have to listen to each track beginning to end and make sure there is no random person screaming something like “You are listening to my awesome podcast!”
On Beatport songs are 1.45 – 2.50 USD. Its worth it

6. You are so 2005

Develop your own stage presence and behavior. Be yourself. Don’t fall into the sheep movement of what everyone else is doing. Soon we will be seeing 30 DJ’s stage diving at the same time. And it will turn into synchronized swimming competition. And if the crowed is not your die hard fans i doubt they would want your sweat all over their faces. Leave this up to aoki.

7. Be ready for CHAOS

Its always a good idea to pick the first few tracks of your set as most of the time at the beginning you will be distracted with the switching of the equipment, previous performers bumping into you and everyone asking you things. This will keep you relaxed.

8. Be a good opener

If you are an opening DJ pay respect to the headliner. Opening is one of the hardest parts of the night as it all depends on you to keep up the mood, have people entertained, But not over do it and simply warm up for the main act. Dont start with “BANGERS” if its an early hour as that will ruin the entire night. You will have your time to shine at the headlining gig. If you are unable to do this ask to be the closing DJ instead.

9. Stage Fright

If you are nervous have a shot of vodka before going on stage. Im assuming if you DJ you are a legal age of drinking and i wont get in trouble for this advice 😉

And at the end of the day – Have Fun! Enjoy yourself and others will follow.

Best of Luck

Fail Tuesdays – The coolest cat by DJ Loli
April 20, 2010, 9:51 AM
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